Electrical installations and facilities.

We provide friendly preventive and corrective maintenance services, as well as residential and industrial electrical installations

Mechanical Manufacturing

Structures, precision machining, molds, fixtures, parts made of aluminum, steel, plastic, and bronze.

Programming Service

PLC, HMI, PC Programming Service, Vision Sensor Integration
keyence/ cognex.

Electrical Design

Electrical design for industrial machinery, electrical control diagrams, engineering services

Assembly of electrical panels

Manufacturing of control panels, electrical control with relays, temperature control, validation systems, PLC-based systems, motor starters, protection panels, systems.

Industrial Automation and Control

Integrations and machinery manufacturing. If you want to implement an improvement in your production line or optimize your machinery, I-DEB can add validation and production acceleration devices, and even create the machine you need for your process.

Infraestructura TI.

The structured cabling server is designed for companies looking to enhance their infrastructure and implement technological solutions that integrate both at the software and hardware levels.

After sales servicies

  • Preventive and corretive maintenance.
  • Repairing high level failures
  • On-site instalation and debugging.
  • Optimization

Contact us to provide you with specialized service.